Landscape design project, construction and maintenance

At the highly visited public space with sports and catering facilities including the public facilities with future Registrar’s Office and the Cadastre, it was necessary to arrange a larger parking lot and create a new landscape on the green area that was basically neglected.

Since it is a public space that requires a minimal care and maintenance, as simple as possible, landscape design is was made according to the requirements of this area and its purpose. The main landmark in the design was the functionality and simplicity of the form. The layout of the Mediterranean evergreen plants planted in plots and linear strokes in the form of hedges, tree lines as well as set aside green spaces completely filled with shrubs and perennials, was designed in a way to achieve very simple form of this frequent public place.

  • Year: 2007.
  • Client: Matulji municipality
  • Status: Completion
  • Location: Matulji
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