Landscape design project

The public park was built in the early 20th century in Lovran, built at the site of a former cemetery in a vicinity of a small harbour and represents the archaeological site with the oldest church in Kvarner, The church of Trinity from the 13th century. The church is built in Romanesque style, with specific porch called „Istrian lopica“.

Due to the sporadic maintenance the park was covered with high vegetation that obstructed the original open sea views. Therefore, a thorough analysis of space and vegetation led to the final design. The superfluous vegetation was removed in order to open valuable sea view. Taking into consideration the historical value of the park, we used the old postcards as a basis for park architecture, retaining the most valuable specimens of high vegetation such as cypress, magnolia, hackberry and shrubs Pittosporum, which represent a typical Mediterranean vegetation, the one that could be found in this region.

The floor plan of the park remained authentic, but a quality drainage on all the running surfaces was provided since the drain waters and water from the roof of the church represented a problematic issue for maintenance of gravel surfaces. Rain floods were overwhelmed by placing stone blocks like transverse, that was necessary in the part of park with greater inclination. The type of the stone was carefully selected, according to conservation guidelines. One type was used for rebuilding the walls that frame the park, and another type for stone blocks for slopes and for the staircase next to the church, which had to be fully restored.

  • Year: 2008.
  • Client:Lovran municipality
  • Status: Completion
  • Location: Lovran
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