Landscape design project

As a part of the restoration of the tourist resort Sol Stella Maris in Umag and construction of luxury villas in the complex, it was necessary to design the main landscape project. Due to high vegetation of Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) and a number of bungalows narrowly situated to each other, a green area was mostly in shadow and covered with pine needles and leaves.

In addition to these high vegetation, shrub vegetation was very rare and have no significant conformational nor functional purpose. The landscape design project aimed to achieve and emphasized a Mediterranean atmosphere. Therefore the design the landscape was performed exclusively with Mediterranean vegetation.

The most important role in the selection of species was a habitat or factor of shadows, frost and soil type. In the areas where the Mediterranean plants could`t be selected due to unfavourable conditions, acclimatised cultivars associative connected to Mediterranean were choosen. The goal of landscape design was to achieve greater intimacy of individual bungalows, and its housing unit. Therefore the basic concept design was planting evergreen hedges along main and secondary roads and trails, the strokes of the same species, but different types of segmental housing, in order to help guest to easily find the way to their bungalow.

  • YEAR: 2007.
  • CLIENT:Istraturist Umag, hotel and leisure, d.d.
  • Status: Completion
  • Location: Umag
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