Landscape design project, construction

This was very demanding project because of the specific location – the coastal karst and large slope , exposed to strong north wind, where was necessary to cultivate the area by creating a large number of terraces with retaining walls constructed in a way to mimic the coastal landscape and implement the old Croatian dry wall technique of building stone walls, typical for coastal areas.

The area of traditional Mediterranean house with a swimming pool, designed with a touch of modernity , is surrounded with great utilitarian terraced garden with various fruit species distributed according to the rules of planting certain types of fruit trees and its bio – ecological requirements . In order to achieve favourable microclimate in this specific area and create conditions for high- quality growth of fruit trees, first it was required to create windbreaks of cypresses , and then to plant the fruit trees. In this way a highly refined area was designed and the space lost its unattractive and cold atmosphere.

  • YEAR: 2014.
  • Status: Completion
  • Location: Jadranovo
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