The area represents a great social and natural potential because it has significant landscape value. The goal of the project was to bring the space to function in terms of appropriate and greater use by local residents as well as visitors.

Given that the space is very attractive, to which the element of water in the form of a lake contributes the most, while the lake is also a habitat for nesting and staying of colorful ducks and other birds, with interesting wetland plants, in addition to these natural phenomena, we also wanted to attract users by improving the content and elements in the surroundings of the lake in the form of a natural promenade, organically shaped, which surrounds the entire lake, but also continued towards other attractions of this area – the castle of Stara Sušica, where the promenade would continue to the promenade next to the castle and direct the walker further towards the Center for Velika Zvijeri and other accompanying facilities, and in the future also in the direction of the Peak, by hiking ascent, also along a natural forest walk.

The newly entered contents are intended for all age groups. In addition to the promenade, which is decorated in a natural way with natural materials, there are also motor skill playground that include walking, running, jumping, climbing, and skipping, and is made of natural materials – wood, which offer different activities for all age groups in order to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in the activities in an interesting way and through being in nature.

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