Preliminary and detailed design of landscape design of yard, CONSTRUCTION

Detailed design of yard is divided in several different areas: entrance area, area beside the terrace, orchard area, and area of exotic dry garden. The entrance area is formed using the Mediterranean plant species including an open pavilion framed by climbing plants. Due to its function of stay and dining, the area besides the terrace is designed as a Mediterranean- spices garden having fragrant lavender, sages, rosemary and other seasonal and perennial herbs including bamboo tree forest. The lower part of the parcel is divided into the two parts: i) an area with various types of citrus and ii) an exotic dry garden – rocky carst with various types of palm trees, cactuses and succulents. Taking into account location and the climate, dominant high landscape elements within yard are palms.

  • Year: 2015.
  • Status: Completion
  • Location: Ičići
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